Jennifer Ellison enjoys fisting inside a cab

August 31st, 2016 by J

Jennifer Ellison loves the rain but hates traveling under it that’s why she would hire a cab in advance just to be sure she’s got a ride each time the rainy season hits hard. Her cab driver knows of her moods whenever it rains that’s why he has his ways of warming her up inside his cab just before she gets to her destination. Giving head and having her cunt eaten too and fucked hard are just some of the things she likes doing with this perv but getting her cunt fisted is always their favorite part.

Hardcore fisting with a cabbie

Naughty Jennifer Ellison in hot black latex lingerie

April 14th, 2016 by J

Jennifer Ellison was huge in anything adult-related. Her supposedly singing career didn’t last long, films and theatre roles aren’t that many, but she was a hit with men’s magazines and the like. We are lucky to find this leaked video of hers, proving this important point. She was auditioning for a new porn industry after getting bored with a career that seems to take her nowhere. And since Ellison has more and wide fan-base with regards to her naughtiness, she decided to use it to her advantage. Although Ellison attended a Catholic school, I figured whatever life’s lessons and character build-up shits this institute tried to instil in this kinky blondie head never really penetrated her brains. Instead she went for a much fun route with her life, using her tight body and getting loads of hits with these videos that she make. For sure she has some which involves getting wild with a guy or a girl but she is into some hot fetishes too, it seems.

Naughty Jennifer Ellison shows tits and cunt in solo porn

When somebody else discovered this video first and kept on re posting it until the world knows of her kinky side, one can’t help but think her first single “Baby I Don’t Care” might actually be for this specific ‘accident’, then again some dude did take notice of this wild and naughty English chick and they’ve been married since 2009. Turns out this dude is into skanky bitches in sexy latex and of course those fine perky breasts and wet shaven pussy. Jennifer Ellison thought she’s not the kind of girl who would settle down and have just one cock to eat and fuck the rest of her life but as they say, you’ll never know until it hits you. She still makes these kinky videos but she’s not just showing her tits, playing with her pussy, and looking like a whore by herself anymore, she’s got her loving hubby to join her and it just keeps getting better. But we still have to find one of those videos I guess. For now, we have to enjoy this one where Ellison was unconsciously luring her future husband and partner for life. Let’s just hope that their kid wouldn’t find momma’s hot naked porn solo and might end up like those teen boys who fantasizes about their playmates’ sexy mothers instead of their cute lil girl friends fresh and tight pussies.

Jennifer Ellison’s Sexy Tits

October 1st, 2010 by LimaBean

hot jennifer ellison boobs

I guess a lot of you guys out there have seen Jennifer Ellison get to show off some skin and expose her hot pair of tits in magazines like FHM and Maxim. From the time she was first discovered, Jennifer went on to become one of England’s sexiest models and as one of the most exciting new actresses this side of the Atlantic. After doing some intensive research about this alluring lass from Liverpool and it all paid off when we got to discover a huge bunch of these topless photos of Jennifer Ellison and now we have them in our possession and we just couldn’t wait to share them with all of you who wants to take a peek at her lovely pair of titties glaring in vivid detail!
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By just looking at these sexy images, you would just want to sink your teeth right through them and give those perky nipples some hard sucking until she gets all wet! And if you want to get your fill of the complete Jennifer Ellison sleaze you won’t get to find anywhere else, just check out these totally hot Jennifer Ellison naked photos.
hot jennifer ellison lingerie

Jennifer Elison has a big juicy rack

April 27th, 2010 by LimaBean

British girls are so freakin hot. Even the skankiest of them still look refined and elegant. They’ve got this calm and collected exterior but you’d know once you’ve got them all alone behind closed doors, they will suddenly prowl at you like a sex kitten waiting to be fucked like an animal. Jennifer Elison is one of these girls. She’s got a sweet face and a hot tight body ready for pounding.

If you’re like me, a totally horny guy who’s got a fetish for English girls then I’m sure she’s been on your ‘to-fuck-‘list for a while now. I have seen photos of her big juicy rack before and it gave me an instant boner but I’m an ass man so I’ve been hunting high and low for a good shot of her bare ass and finally luck found me! Seen here in these shots is the blonde bombshell giving us a good view of her sweet round ass with a look in her eyes that is clearly asking for some rough anal fucking. She should know how very willing my cock is right now. Click more for Jennifer Elison’s tits over here.

Jennifer out for a shag

January 8th, 2010 by LimaBean

Jennifer Ellison would probably be one of the better fucks anyone could have, if you could just picture it. A British, blonde, big-boobed babe? Now that’s a lot of B’s. I can just imagine that pair of beach balls she has, bouncing along with the rhythm of her thrusts up and down my cock, while she scratches at me and lets out her moan in that cute British accent all those English chicks across the pond have. And to complete the image, she’s a blonde! In my opinion, while redheads carry the sexy and ravishing gene right in their follicles, blondes are the fuck-all type who’d leap at anything with a dick and a pair of balls in it. She’s so out in the open, she’s flaunting her tits about in public, if you’d care to check. I’m not saying I’m a pussy at getting pussy and stick my cock on a slut, rather on my girlfriend (who I worked hard for just to get to her untouched vag), but come on, it’s Jennifer Ellison, and she’s game! But enough with the pep talk; grab the vaseline, keep the shower running, and yank away with these hot, fuck pictures of Jennifer Ellison.

Jennifer spreads the love, I mean pussy

January 8th, 2010 by LimaBean

It seems that Jennifer Ellison has done nearly everything, except to pull her panties down and show us her prize pussy. Thank god for mad photoshopping skills with these pictures, huh? Here’s Jennifer Ellison, manipulated and extorted for the illusion of one hot, pussy spreading photoshoot. You’d have to commend the guy who tinkered on these lovely, boner-inducing pixels; these pictures look so real they might have been actual nude pictures of Jennifer Ellison! But, hm, what if..? Aw, well, I’ll leave the guessing to you guys. We’ve got enough nude photos of Jennifer Ellison showing pink and spreading that I hardly need to look for the real thing. A pussy is a pussy, amirite? Although, if you’re a little on the picky side and something more glamorous gets your nuts all a-tickling, it’s not a problem. It is a little, well, clothed, though. To each his own, I guess. Now click that damn link and bust a couple of nuts!

Jennifer Ellison gets the Cleavage Award

January 7th, 2010 by LimaBean

These photoshoot pictures from the UK lad mag Nuts are a little on the hypocritical side. I mean, invite Jennifer Ellison to lug around her tits in front of a pretty set and a zooming lens, sure, but with a bra on?? Her tits are begging to be let out, so why keep them tied up? Brassieres are so last decade. But even so, Jennifer gave us a nice angle of those boobs, so thanks for sharing the love. I’d definitely stain those melons bad, if she stood on my doorstep and just leaned over to me like that. Hell, I wouldn’t even bother letting her in. Just do the deed across the door frame, shoot cum all over tits, and then we can probably invite her in for coffee, if her interest is peaked. Mine is, absolutely, not to mention my dick peaking along with me. Just don’t ever get dressed, Jennifer; it’s not natural, and something god didn’t invent for you! But let me lead you to the rest of our hot UK babe’s cleavage-filled shoot, and enjoy.